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What is an Umbrella Summary?

An Umbrella Summary highlights findings from the workforce literature to address pertinent child welfare workforce challenges. These summaries provide a synopsis of the published meta-analyses of a specific workforce topic. The research is summarized in a straightforward question-and-answer format. Each summary highlights the implications of the research for child welfare professionals.

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Organizational Cynicism
When employees feel that their employer lacks integrity, it can breed organizational cynicism. Read this Umbrella Summary to learn more about what that means and how it is connected to other employee attitudes.
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What is coaching and how effective is it? Read this Umbrella Summary to learn more.
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Is gratitude the best attitude? Read this Umbrella Summary to learn more.
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Pre-Training Interventions
What’s the most useful way to prepare people for training? This Umbrella Summary describes the available evidence about pre-training interventions.
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