The QIC-WD is dedicated to using and synthesizing research to strengthen the child welfare workforce. We are creating an inventory of evidence-based strategies to recruit, hire, and retain a competent workforce. This inventory can help us answer questions such as:

  • What evidence is there for various interventions or strategies to reduce agency turnover?
  • What types of interventions have been shown to be effective in improving the hiring process in child welfare agencies?
  • Is there any research evidence demonstrating particular recruitment strategies to be effective?

The initial findings will focus on research specifically addressing turnover or turnover intentions, and subsequent findings will focus on other important workforce outcomes. We will also identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in how research is conducted. Our goals are to translate the rich body of research, from a variety of fields, to support efforts at strengthening the workforce and to provide direction for advancements in future child welfare workforce research.

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