Announcing Workforce Data Dashboard Partner Sites

The Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development (QIC-WD) is pleased to announce that it is working with eight public child welfare agencies to develop workforce dashboards. Data dashboards are useful for agencies that routinely collect workforce data related to recruitment, development, and retention. The goal of the project is to support agencies as they explore ways to unlock the potential of their existing data through workforce metrics such as:

  • Agency workforce composition
  • Location of position vacancies
  • Workforce required to meet caseload needs
  • Time to fill vacancies
  • Turnover rate

A team of human resources (HR), information technology (IT), and child welfare leaders from a jurisdiction will partner with the QIC-WD to identify the right workforce questions and the specific metrics they wish to regularly report in a dynamic dashboard format developed in collaboration with the QIC-WD. The following public child welfare agencies will participate in this project:

  • Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families
  • Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
  • Monroe County Department of Human Services (NY)
  • Summit County Children Services (OH)
  • Hamilton County Jobs & Family Services (OH)
  • Shasta County HHSA/Children's Services (CA)
  • San Francisco Human Services Agency, Family and Children’s Services Division (CA)

Agencies will work virtually with the QIC-WD through regular meetings, for just under one year, to pinpoint key metrics driven by existing data sources and develop a sustainable and user-focused workforce dashboard. Example workforce dashboards are below:

workforce characteristics graph

Employee Turnover

View interactive Data Dashboard


Data Dashboard