Addressing Work-related Traumatic Stress

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
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“It’s extremely important that we have a continuum of care, much like we do for the families that we serve,” said one Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Children and Family Services (CFS) Area Administrator. He is part of the team that partnered with the QIC-WD to create CFS Strong – Building a Resilient Workforce to address secondary traumatic stress (STS) among frontline staff and supervisors.

Our priorities in Nebraska are to keep families together and prevent or reduce the number of children in out-of-home placements. It’s our goal to learn tools, strategies and best practices from the experts on the QIC-WD team and the other selected child welfare systems to increase CFSS workers' job retention and satisfaction. We expect this effort will improve our service to the children and families we serve.

Site Resources

These resources provide an overview of the QIC-WD’s work with the site. Resources include manuals, guidance documents, logic models, and other implementation tools as well summaries of the intervention, evaluation, implementation, and theory of change.


Site Profile

This two-page summary provides an overview of the site’s workforce and its challenges retaining child welfare workers. Learn more about the intervention selected to strengthen the workforce and the evaluation that will be conducted 2019 – 2021 to increase our collective understanding of how to improve child welfare workforce outcomes.

WIE Team

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Implementation Lead
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Evaluation Lead