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QIC-Tips summarize child welfare workforce-related recommendations made by the QIC-WD. These tips are derived from research, our experience, or the experience(s) of our sites. Most QIC-Tips are written for child welfare leaders, policymakers, and decision makers and are intended to highlight key workforce strategies and provide links to additional, more detailed, resources.

What Can Child Welfare Leaders Do to Improve Job Satisfaction?
What can child welfare leaders do to create a satisfied, productive workforce when the work is stressful, complex, and challenging? This QIC-Tip draws from our extensive collection of Umbrella Summaries to help answer this question.
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How Can Supervisors Support New Employees?
Supervisors are essential to the onboarding process. This QIC-Tip includes research-informed recommendations and practical advice from the field to help supervisors support new workers.
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Improving the Child Welfare Workforce Through Training: Common Questions and Evidence-Informed Answers from the QIC-WD  
This QIC-Tip draws from the Umbrella Summaries to answer questions about effective training strategies to increase knowledge, enhance skills, and improve job performance.
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Communication is Key to Success
Communication must be valued by management to encourage staff to engage in practice and policy change. This QIC-Tip highlights strategies used by QIC-WD site leaders to communicate with staff about their workforce initiative.
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How Can Child Welfare Agencies Leverage Data to Address Important Workforce Questions?
These tips and strategies may be helpful for child welfare administrators, legislators, and other policymakers seeking to utilize agency data to answer pertinent child welfare workforce questions.
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