Building knowledge to strengthen the child welfare workforce

The Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development: Bridging the Research–Practice Gap in Child Welfare
Megan Paul, Michelle Graef, and Robert Blagg discuss how using I-O psychology research and best practices improved workforce outcomes across 36 child welfare agencies.
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Key Findings from the QIC-WD at Various Stages of the Employee Lifecycle
This infographic lays out definitions of parts of the employee lifecycle and highlights key findings at each stage.
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Experiences of Professionals of Color in the Child Welfare Workforce
This brief summarizes some of the latest studies and QIC-WD resources that consider diversity, equity and inclusion at both the caseworker and child welfare system levels.
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Secondary Traumatic Stress: Definitions, Measures, Predictors, and Interventions
This brief summarizes the many terms used in the literature to study secondary trauma, discusses how it is measured, and explores what the research says about interventions.
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