Child Welfare Workforce Analytics Institute

QIC-WD Child Welfare Workforce Analytics Institute

Child Welfare Workforce Analytics Institute

The QIC-WD has selected 8 public child welfare agencies to participate in a short-term Child Welfare Workforce Analytics Institute (The Institute), to build partnerships between child welfare and human resources (HR) and to begin conversations about how to leverage the data necessary to examine and address child welfare workforce challenges. Capitalizing on workforce data allows agencies to answer questions such as:

  • Which recruiting methods or sources lead to the most qualified candidates? Which ones are most effective at finding candidates who are more likely to stay with the agency?
  • How do candidates’ previous experience or educational background relate to subsequent job performance? Is there potential bias in the hiring process?
  • What is the internal turnover rate? What is the involuntary turnover rate?
  • What factors predict whether someone will stay or leave?
  • Is a new program effective at improving workforce outcomes?

The selected agencies will participate in multiple webinars and attend a 2-day workshop in Washington, D.C. on August 25–26, 2020. Additionally, each agency has been assigned a QIC-WD representative to provide coaching and individualized support as they prepare for the workshop and develop an action plan to improve an aspect of their workforce data analytics capacity and practice.

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