Why Washington State wants to stablize their child welfare workforce and be part of the QIC-WD

Representatives from the Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families describe their dedication to retaining social workers to better serve the kids in Washington state.

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Washington: Telework
Washington’s choice to examine telework as a means of strengthening its child welfare workforce.
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Collaborating to Conduct a Workforce Needs Assessment
Want to learn to conduct a needs assessment that will identify the root causes of your child welfare workforce challenges?
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Washington Selects a Workforce Intervention: Telework
The Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) will be implementing and testing the effectiveness of telework for child welfare field operations staff and their supervisors.
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QIC-WD Site Intervention Selection – Fall 2018
The QIC-WD sites have selected their workforce interventions! Learn about the range of interventions that will be implemented and tested to build knowledge about what works to improve worker retention in the field of child welfare.
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Listen to Washington’s Acting Assistant Secretary, Children’s Administration, Talk with her Staff About Being Part of the QIC-WD
Watch and listen to Connie Lambert-Eckel, Washington State Acting Assistant Secretary, Children’s Administration, as she explains how frontline staff in Washington will work with the QIC-WD to identify and solve a workforce problem.
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