Virginia Department of Social Services

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) and the QIC-WD designed a multi-phase case-supportive technology intervention to help child welfare caseworkers complete their case notes and other administrative tasks required as part of their job. The decision by VDSS to implement technological supports for caseworkers was informed by two data collection efforts:

1. Listening sessions, held by VDSS staff in each region of the state, and

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is a state-supervised and locally- administered social services system. There are 120 local departments of social services (LDSS) composed of approximately 2,000 employees who are responsible for providing child welfare services.

Each QIC-WD site developed a logic model to serve as a visual representation of their selected intervention. All logic models included four main components: inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes. Collectively, these demonstrate the resources and actions required to implement the program, as well as the associated result or changes anticipated through implementation of the program. The hypothesized relationships are represented by the pathways connecting the listed activities and anticipated outcomes. For more information see Site Overview

Virginia Case-Supportive Technology

The Virginia Department of Social Services and select local child welfare agencies implemented a case-supportive technology intervention to strengthen their child welfare workforce. This video, recorded virtually, highlights the experience of workers and supervisors that used transcription services and a mobile application to improve their ability to work outside the office.

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The Importance of Communication When Implementing Workforce Changes

“Communication is the key to success…” Listen to QIC-WD site representatives from Washington, Louisiana, Virginia, and Milwaukee, WI talk about the strategies they used to introduce and support a workforce initiative in their child welfare agency.

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The Critical Role of Child Welfare Workers
This short blog post and video highlight the critical role that child welfare workers play on the frontlines; managing threats to their own safety while working to keep children safe.
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Virginia Progress Update - The Timely Implementation of a Technology Solution
Virginia created an app to help their child welfare workforce manage administrative and family engagement tasks out of the office. Learn more about their progress.
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Supervising Child Welfare Professionals Virtually during a Pandemic
Strategies to help supervisors support their staff, encourage team cohesion, and ensure the work will continue throughout the COVID 19 crisis.
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Mobile Solution Roll Out Update (November 2019)
Virginia’s mobile solution, COMPASS, allows case carrying child welfare workers and supervisors (known as family service specialists) to capture and manage case notes from the field.
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Virginia Rolls Out a Mobile Solution
A local news story from WSLS highlights how the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is implementing a mobile solution to reduce the burden of paperwork on child welfare workers.
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