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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why use meta-analyses?

Meta-analyses capitalize on numerous data sources. A meta-analysis is a study that quantitatively synthesizes results across many individual studies, overcoming the inherent limitations of individual studies, to arrive at overall conclusions that are more reliable, accurate, and generalizable.

What literature is included in the Umbrella Summaries?

The Umbrella Summaries draw from the child welfare literature as well as a variety of other professional fields with research that is applicable to the child welfare workforce.  Relevant fields of study include management, business, industrial/organizational psychology, organizational behavior, applied psychology, and human resources.

What topics do the Umbrella Summaries cover?

Topics for the Umbrella Summaries were identified based on the state of the research and its applicability to child welfare. Identified topics include, but are not limited to: burnout, grit, turnover, selection, recruitment, training, coaching, mentoring, engagement, stress, conflict, pay, work arrangements, performance, and organizational culture and climate.

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