Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

Perspectives from a Prevention Team
Louisiana’s redesign includes the creation of prevention teams - here are what three prevention team members have to say about their experience with the redesign.
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Why the Louisiana DCFS decided to apply to be a QIC-WD site

A leader from the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) discusses why it is important to have a strong child welfare workforce and partner with the QIC-WD.

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Louisiana Selects a Workforce Intervention: Job Redesign & Teaming
To strengthen its workforce, Louisiana will implement “Job Redesign and Teaming” as its QIC-WD intervention.
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Louisiana: Job Redesign
Job redesign is and the connection between job characteristics and organizational outcomes
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QIC-WD Site Intervention Selection – Fall 2018
The QIC-WD sites have selected their workforce interventions! Learn about the range of interventions that will be implemented and tested to build knowledge about what works to improve worker retention in the field of child welfare.
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Louisiana Announces Partnership with QIC-WD
"We are honored to be part of this project and excited about partnering to find solutions to our workforce challenges."
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