How can our mission be fully accomplished by staff that are experiencing secondary trauma and burnout?
A supervisor from Summit County shares her experience with Resilience Alliance and supportive supervision, Ohio's workforce intervention that is being tested by the QIC-WD.
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My Experience with Resilience Alliance in Ohio
This blog post is written by a caseworker in Ohio who is participating in the state's workforce strengthening initiative. She describes the impact of turnover and her experience with Resilience Alliance and supportive supervision.
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Coach Ohio - The View from the Site Implementation Manager
The Ohio Site Implementation Manager shares his experience leading their QIC-WD project, Coach Ohio.
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Why the Ohio DJFS wants to be part of the QIC-WD

A representative of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) discusses concerns about child welfare worker recruitment and retention and partnering with the QIC-WD as part of a research project.

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Ohio: Supportive Coaching Model & Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS)
Discussion of the role of supervision and coaching in child welfare agencies and describes how secondary traumatic stress (STS) can impact workers.
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Ohio Selects and Begins Installation of a Workforce Intervention: Coach Ohio: Promoting Resilience and Optimism
Ohio decided to implement Coach Ohio; a supportive supervision intervention that pairs the Resilience Alliance (RA) strategy with the Atlantic Coast Child Welfare Implementation Center (ACCWIC) Coaching model.
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QIC-WD Site Intervention Selection – Fall 2018
The QIC-WD sites have selected their workforce interventions! Learn about the range of interventions that will be implemented and tested to build knowledge about what works to improve worker retention in the field of child welfare.
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