Evaluation and Data Use

Collaborating to Conduct a Workforce Needs Assessment
Want to learn to conduct a needs assessment that will identify the root causes of your child welfare workforce challenges?
Unlocking the Potential in Your Workforce Data
Communicating complex ideas to diverse stakeholders is central to reliable decision making. Well-designed data visualizations provide a platform for engaging stakeholders in ways that are tailored to their interest, familiarity, and expertise.
Connecting Human Resources and Child Welfare Data - An early lesson learned
Michelle Graef, QIC-WD Project Director, shares an example of what the QIC-WD is learning: child welfare and human resources divisions need to work together to identify and address workforce issues.
Evaluating the Process of Implementing the QIC-WD
Anita Barbee, QIC-WD Evaluation Team Lead, describes how the evaluation team will examine various QIC-WD activities, including site selection and the implementation of the interventions.
What is Organizational Culture and Climate? And How Do You Measure It?
Research indicates that an organization’s culture and climate directly affects employee morale, expectations, and turnover, as well as outcomes for children and families.
Calculating Turnover
Megan Paul, QIC-WD Workforce Team Lead, discusses how to calculate turnover in a child welfare agency.