The Institute

Below, are a variety of resources to share what our selected Institute agencies have been learning about workforce analytics:

Introduction to Data Dictionaries
This blog post describes how data dictionaries can position child welfare agencies to leverage their human resources data for workforce development.
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Introduction to Workforce Metrics
This blog post describes two primary workforce outcomes—performance and retention—and how agencies can use workforce metrics to measure them.
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Introduction to Workforce Analytics
Workforce analytics can help child welfare and human resource (HR) leaders make the most of their HR metrics. This post introduces the concept and benefits of workforce analytics.
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Does Your Agency Embrace Evidence-Based Management Practices?
The QIC-WD is using an assessment tool to help Institute participants determine if they practice evidence-based management.
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Eight Child Welfare Jurisdictions Selected to Participate in QIC-WD Institute
The Child Welfare Workforce Analytics Institute is a short-term program to further the work of the QIC-WD. We received applications from across the country and, after thorough review, are pleased to announce the eight jurisdictions that were selected.
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