Key Findings from the QIC-WD at Various Stages of the Employee Lifecycle


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Employee Lifecyle Select Resources

The following resources are just a few examples of resources from phases of the employee lifecycle. You are encouraged to check out the full breadth of resources developed by the QIC-WD here.

Building a Recruitment Pipeline

Career Interests (Umbrella Summary)

Spotlight on Innovative Recruitment Strategies: Northwest Ohio Fellowship Program (Blog Post)

Shaping the Job

Job Design (Umbrella Summary)

Frontline Job Redesign (Resources related to intervention tested in Louisiana)

Perspectives from a Permanency Team (Blog Post)

Perspectives from a Prevention Team (Blog Post)

Case-Supportive Technology (Resources related to intervention tested in Virginia)

Telework (Resources related to intervention tested in Washington)

Telework (Umbrella Summary)

Shaping the Workplace

Organizational Justice (Umbrella Summary)

Perceived Organizational Support (Umbrella Summary)

Organizational Change Process (Resources related to intervention tested in Milwaukee)


Job Posting (QIC Tip)

Attracting and Hiring Workers: Evidence-Informed Strategies (Webinar)

Recruitment (Umbrella Summary)

Realistic Job Preview (Umbrella Summary)


Employment Interviews (Umbrella Summary)

Work Sample Tests (Umbrella Summary)

Competency-based Selection Process (Resources related to intervention tested in Oklahoma)


Supporting New Workers: Evidence-Informed Strategies for Those in Supervisory Roles (Webinar Recording)

Organizational Socialization (Umbrella Summary)

How Can Supervisors Support New Employees (QIC-Tip)

Onboarding Program (Resources related to intervention developed with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)


Learning Styles (Umbrella Summary)

Training Transfer (Umbrella Summary)

Improve the Child Welfare Workforce Through Training: Common Questions & Evidence-Informed Answers from the QIC-WD (QIC-Tip with links to various Umbrella Summaries)


Leader-Member Exchange (Umbrella Summary)

Abusive Supervision (Umbrella Summary)

Supporting Virtual Supervision as Part of a Hybrid Workforce (Blog Post)

Supervision in a Virtual Workplace (QIC-Take)

Supportive Supervision and Resilience (Ohio intervention resources)


Employee Engagement (Umbrella Summary)

Role Stress (Umbrella Summary)

Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Child Welfare Workers (Blog Post)

Addressing Work-related Traumatic Stress (Nebraska intervention resources)

Impact of Secondary Traumatic Stress on the Child Welfare Workforce (Video)

Coping with Secondary Traumatic Stress (Video)

Managing Stress While Working from Home During the Pandemic: Strategies for Self-Care (Webinar excerpt)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Measuring DEI (Institute Resource)

Disability Inclusion (Institute Resource)

Workplace Supports for LGBT Employees (Umbrella Summary)

Diversity and Inclusion Climates (Umbrella Summary)

Workplace Incivility (Umbrella Summary)

Organizational Politics (Umbrella Summary)