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How does Organizational Culture and Climate Impact the Child Welfare Workforce?

This 2-minute video defines organizational culture and climate and describes the tool the QIC-WD is using to measure it.  

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Turnover v. Intent to Leave

This video captures QIC-WD evaluation team members discussing turnover data. They talk candidly about measures of “intent to leave” and what child welfare workers ultimately do, such as change jobs, get promoted, or leave the child welfare agency. The team also shares what the QIC-WD is doing to capture and measure these workforce decisions.

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Connecting HR and Child Welfare Data

Child welfare and human resources (HR) data need to be connected to answer important workforce questions. This video highlights some of the common challenges when trying to link the two data sets and how the QIC-WD is overcoming those challenges.

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The Critical Role of Child Welfare Workers


"Social workers are the unsung heroes..." This video highlights the critical role that child welfare workers play on the frontlines - they manage threats and work everyday to keep children safe. 

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