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An Overview of the QIC-WD

The Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development (QIC-WD) is dedicated to understanding how to improve child welfare workforce outcomes.

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Louisiana: Redesigning the Child Welfare Worker Job

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services redesigned the child welfare worker job to strengthen their workforce and reduce worker turnover. DCFS worked with the QIC-WD to create a new job, the Child Welfare Team Specialist, and reorganize workers into Permanency and Prevention teams.  This video discusses the challenges DCFS faced related to turnover and how the job redesign is changing the way they work. DCFS staff share their experience with the intervention being tested by the QIC-WD.   

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Managing Your Personal Life During COVID-19

Your personal relationships may be challenged when no one is going to the office or socializing - here are tips and a webinar excerpt with strategies to help when everyone is home. 

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Managing Stress while Working from Home during the Pandemic: Strategies for Self-Care

Self-care can help you stay present and regain a sense of control. Read the post and watch the webinar excerpt.

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