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Spotlight on Washington State: Using Dashboards to Understand Workforce Challenges

Data dashboards are useful tools for child welfare agencies to use workforce data to make decisions, as highlighted by the QIC-WD’s work with Washington State.

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The QIC-WD Journey

This video highlights the journey of the QIC-WD from 2016 - 2023 in our work with sites to examine a variety of workforce challenges through an interdisciplinary, evidence-informed lens.

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Enhancing the Child Welfare Workforce: Bringing Families to the Table

Children’s Bureau workforce leaders discuss the need to bring HR to the table, provide supports, and set families up for success in order for families to be a key voice in the child welfare workforce.

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A Supervisor’s Experience: It’s Important to Tailor Your Approach to Supervision

A supervisor from Hamilton County, Ohio, who participated in Coach Ohio and received supportive supervision coaching and learned strategies to help workers be resilient, shares her experience with customizing her approach to supervising workers.

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