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The Importance of the Relationship with Police and the Courts

Child welfare workers need good relationships with law enforcement and the judiciary. This 1.5-minute video highlights workers as they discuss how these relationships impact their work.

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The Challenge of Measuring Turnover in Child Welfare

To address the challenge of turnover in child welfare it is important to understand why people leave, when they leave, and what we know about the workforce. This video explores what agencies can do to better measure and understand turnover. 

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Types of Turnover

Megan Paul, QIC-WD Workforce Lead, describes three different ways of looking at turnover: internal vs. external, voluntary vs. involuntary, and functional vs. dysfunctional.

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Standardized Competency-based Hiring Process

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services, worked with the QIC-WD to standardize their child welfare hiring practices. This video highlights how they created their new competency-based selection process and shares the experiences of staff and leaders who’ve participated in the new process.

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