Building knowledge to strengthen the child welfare workforce

QIC-WD in Louisville: Inspired by Each Other and Muhammad Ali
We recently convened 47 QIC-WD partners in Louisville to foster relationships, learn from each other, and work to strengthen the child welfare workforce with the best available evidence. Read a few inspirational quotes and messages to guide our work!
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Myth Buster: Eating ice cream does not cause drowning
A strong relationship between two things isn’t enough to prove that one causes the other. Listen to this TED talk or check out these spurious correlations!
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Unlocking the Potential in Your Workforce Data
Communicating complex ideas to diverse stakeholders is central to reliable decision making. Well-designed data visualizations provide a platform for engaging stakeholders in ways that are tailored to their interest, familiarity, and expertise.
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Myth Buster: Millennials’ Career Goals are Similar to Those of Older Workers
The major difference in workplace expectations between the generations is really company culture.
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