Building knowledge to strengthen the child welfare workforce

Findings from Seven Years of Child Welfare Workforce Interventions
This 2-page summary highlights key findings from the QIC-WD's workforce interventions and summarizes the additional supports provided to child welfare workforce professionals from 2016 - 2023.
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Spotlight on Innovative Recruitment Strategies: Northwest Ohio Fellowship Program
Thirteen counties in northwest Ohio are piloting a fellowship program to create an employment pipeline for college students. The QIC-WD is testing the pilot as part of our rapid cycle recruitment project.
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HR and Child Welfare Data – Building Connections to Improve Practice
The QIC-WD has written and produced videos about and the importance of bringing HR to the table to address child welfare workforce issues, as featured in this blog post.
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Self-Reflection: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Important First Steps
“What we don’t often talk about is the space for self-reflection as we reflect on diversity, equity, and inclusion…" This 8-minute video clip from the Institute can help leaders consider how to improve their practice around DEI.
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