logic model
Using a Logic Model to Guide Workforce Interventions
The QIC-WD uses logic models—visual representations that depict the resources that go into and expected results that will come out of the implementation of a program—to guide the implementation and evaluation of the selected interventions.
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It is Important to Clearly Describe a Workforce Intervention Before You Evaluate It
The Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development (QIC-WD) defines a workforce intervention as a structured set of activities aimed at solving an identified cause of frontline worker turnover.
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QIC-WD 2019 All-Site Meeting
The entire QIC-WD team met in Denver last month to share their planned interventions, discuss implementation and evaluation efforts, and consider our collective journey.
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Oklahoma Selects and Designs a Selection Intervention

Oklahoma’s Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development Steering Committee has decided to refine the selection process for new child welfare workers.

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