Building knowledge to strengthen the child welfare workforce

Evaluating Job Redesign: Strategies and preliminary findings from Louisiana
This blog post highlights preliminary findings from the evaluation of the Louisiana Job Redesign.
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Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) – Its Impact on the Child Welfare Workforce and Strategies for Agencies to Address It
Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) impacts both child welfare workers and agencies. This blog post highlights this issue and links to videos and tools agencies are using to address STS in the workforce.
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Data Segmentation
There are a variety of different ways to slice and dice your child welfare workforce data. Learn more about data segmentation in this blog post, video, and downloadable resource.
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Linking Human Resources and Child Welfare Data
Multiple information systems can be linked to tell a more complete workforce story. This blog post and the associated resource and video provide guidance on how to link data for workforce analytics.
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