Building knowledge to strengthen the child welfare workforce

Creating a Workforce Analytics Action Plan
Workforce analytics teams can benefit from conducting a SWOT analysis and creating an action plan to guide their work. This blog post, video, & resource, Creating a Workforce Analytics Action Plan, provides advice and examples to support action planning,
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Secondary Traumatic Stress, Burnout and Resilience in the Child Welfare Workforce: Early Results from Nebraska’s Randomized Controlled Trial of Resilience Alliance
Early results from the study of Nebraska's Resilience Alliance intervention indicate that it may mitigate burnout and support resilience among some segments of the child welfare workforce.
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Supportive Supervision and Resilience Alliance to Address Secondary Trauma in Ohio: Preliminary Findings on Impact
Read about positive early findings related to coping, work-life balance, job satisfaction, intentions to stay, intentions to leave, and secondary traumatic stress.
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Creating a Workforce Analytics Team
Is your agency exploring how to use workforce analytics? This blog post, video and resource sheet can help you identify which skills and people should make up your workforce analytics team.
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